The journey of Hairellacarte started in 1987 when realizing that Cosmetology was not only a hobby but a passion. After years of being the one behind the chair, Hairellacarte grew to a different level and received a Cosmetology teaching license in 2002. That license made me want to build an empire. That hobby took on forms of greatness and connections with clients that built the confidence and the expertise that is now a wellness movement. My passion to educate others began and has extended over the years to becoming an educator on different levels and in an entirely different field. All in all, I am here, still teaching, grinding, building. There is nowhere else I would rather be. Join the Hairellacarte movement.


  • Brandy Giles

    Super obsessed with my sugar scrub. I love the personalized attention to detail, she worked with me around my MANY allergies lol

  • Ashley Brooks

    Loooove the body butter!!!! I’ve been using it main on my lips. It’s been two weeks of consistent usage and let me tell you…baaaabyyy! Best butter out there to get and keep my lips popping! Don’t wait to long to purchasing your jar!

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