To be called Friend is an honor and a privilege!!!!

Friends…how many of us have them? Friends…the ones you can depend on, let’s be FRIENDS!!!!!

That is almost a dirty word in my book, because my friend application is long and it may sometimes be revoked in the first two year probation period. I am halfway joking, but friendships should be taken seriously. Like any relationship, a friendship should be nurtured. It should be understood that it may get tested from time to time. It should be unconditional. But it should never feel one sided. It should never feel that you are emptying your cup and not being refilled. It should never make you feel angry that you are not receiving that same energy that you provide. If it does, you have every right to walk away and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. My peace is everything to me. I have worked hard to solidify a peaceful space in my life and whoever endangers that peace has to go. You may want to revisit that friendship at a later time, but I guarantee, it will never be the same because the trust and the bond is broken.

It is understandable that sometimes friends grow apart. It is also understandable that people come into your life for a reason, a season and a time. Nevertheless, the end to a close friendship hurts just the same.

Also, be careful of those that you have been intimate with, who have hurt you, coming back into your life saying they would like to be friends. The question is WHY????? If you were not my friend when we were in a relationship, what could you offer as my friend? A friendship is more delicate and important than a romantic relationship. So if you did not take care of my heart and my mental well being before, are you promising to do so now? If you can’t commit please don’t lie to yourself and me by pretending to want to be my friend just so you can have access to my life. No thanks.

On the bright side, there are people that you meet who becomes your friend and ends up being more like family. Those people are gems. Those people knows the meaning of friendship and values it. You can’t see your life without them in it. Those people are meant to stay and they will. Through the good and bad times. Even through the silent periods when you guys don’t get to talk on a regular basis. It could even be months or years, but when you do, you pick up where you left off like nothing ever separated you guys. Life happens and it’s understandable, so your heart sings when you see their name come across the screen of your phone. Friend’s…. I am so blessed to have them. How about you?

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