It’s Fishing season…The fish is yours to catch

The ocean is a beautiful place. We are usually at peace while sitting by the ocean. It brings on a certain calm and makes us think clearly. Our decisions are usually best when made by the ocean because your brain waves are usually at peace.

While I was at my highest state of peace, I was speaking to a male friend of mine and he reiterated that women have all the power in choosing the man that she entertains. He told me that it is always “Fishing Season” for women. I fought against his theory for a long time, because I felt that if that was true then women wouldn’t suffer so many broken hearts and there wouldn’t be so many single women. But because he was adamant and out of respect for him, I decided to put that theory to the test. 

One of the flaws I know that I and so many women have is that we don’t believe in our power. If we hold on to our reign of power, maybe things would work better in our favor. We usually let a guy who likes us into our circle and then once we start to like him, instantly we start to let our guard down. We put all our cards on the table and then all of our walls go down. Like in battle, we are left vulnerable. When we are seen as weak, the tables turn. The pursued turns into the pursuer and then we are left with broken hearts. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I am here to tell you that if you are being pursued, enjoy it but never show your entire hand and don’t put those walls all the way down. Keep observation mode in full effect. This is because you need to watch the moves of people to see their true intentions. Don’t let up your standards and boundaries just because you start to like someone. If they are saying things and doing things that don’t fit into what you want, then make a decision immediately to send them on their merry way. They will either continue the pursuit or disappear. Either way, you win. Also, unless someone is in these streets claiming you publicly, YOU ARE SINGLE SINGLE!!!!  Don’t take yourself off the market or let someone unworthy take you off the market in secret. Date them all and may the best person win. This way, no one, especially you, gets hurt. There are many fish in the sea and it is Fishing Season. So catch as many fish as you can, throw the guppies back in and keep the sharks. If you are worth it to the shark, he/she will be tamed and become that lovely protector that you need and want.  Be patient and play the game. It’s almost Summer after all and it’s time to have fun, strut your assets and catch some fish. Most importantly, Enjoy yourself.

Master Cosmetologist, Health and Beauty consultant, author. Just doing all the things I have a passion about, unapologetically, boldly and with a little splash of love.


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