Hello!!!!!!……is this thing on????

Please hear me. Like, I really need you all to just listen and take everything I’m about to say into consideration. No judgement, I promise. Just some insight into some harsh realities. Hello!!!!!…is this thing on???????

Let’s normalize hearing exactly what people say and accepting that they have come along without a plan. That they may be suffering with their own mental battles and that they are infatuated with what they see in you. This may very well mean that you are accepting the fact that your interactions will not be anything more than a filler for them while they work out their own stuff.

There are so many inspirational pages talking about what people should do in all types of situations. It’s almost laughable. I go through my Instagram page and probably like most of them because I can relate. But the real question is, why don’t adults just treat each other the way they would like to be treated? Why do people hurt people and then say it was unintentional? Grown ups should be just that, Grown ups. If you see someone that you are attracted to, and you are not ready to enter their lives with your best and whole self, then stay in your lane and leave that person alone. There is nothing wrong with admiring from afar. You can even befriend that person while you fix yourself, just a friend and NOTHING more. But to enter that persons life, who you claim to have had interest in for a while, with no real intention of loving them… or even liking them, for that matter, is irresponsible, selfish and disrespectful. I mean, why even put yourself or that person through that?

I have seen in so many post, statements about, “to waste someone’s time is the biggest disrespect”. I agree with that so wholeheartedly. But the responsibility to recognize that time is being wasted should be yours and not the offenders. You regulate how much access someone has to you. So if your time is being wasted, fall back and do not allow anymore access.

So many people need to take responsibility for being treated with disregard. Red flags, blue flags or even black flags are shown and most of the time people chose to ignore all of it. God sends us signs too. He sends a pebble and we ignore. He sends a rock and we ignore. Then he drops a Boulder and all of a sudden we are like, “OMG, where did that come from?” We need to take that first sign and say, thank you Heavenly father for your guidance. We allow the treatment we get from people, end of story.

I am one who believes in energy. I know when someone’s energy does not mesh with mine and I get excited when it does. I also know that when said energy was calm and then turns into chaos. That usually means it’s time to remove yourself out of the space of that person. No one can fault you for wanting peace and harmony in your life. So, let’s normalize seeing the signs for what they are and stepping away from people whose energy gives us anxiety. Let people deal with their inner trauma on their own, instead of allowing that type of heaviness into your life. Take off that cape and stop trying to be anyone’s superhero. I am here to tell you that no matter how amazing you are, people who are in your life just to fill time will not see the gem that you are. It’s okay to walk away from disfunction. It’s okay to not have to continually explain why your time should be valued or why you should be communicated with. It’s also okay to love yourself enough to know that you deserve better than a few stolen moments, or a text after 11 hours of waiting for a response when you had a small emergency or excuses of why you can’t be what you desire to be in someone’s life. There is no greater love and respect that someone can have, than the love and respect they have for themselves. So do yourself a favor…..Go forth and be Great!!!!! That’s what you were before you allowed the energy suckers into your life. So continue on your positive path of doing you and the right person who is ready, willing, able, excited, and happy that they have met you will be there waiting for you, to embrace all that you are and give you all they have come to bring.

Master Cosmetologist, Health and Beauty consultant, author. Just doing all the things I have a passion about, unapologetically, boldly and with a little splash of love.

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