Where do you go from here?????-The uncertain life of an Educator….

The past year has been very hard for many people. It seems that Educators are taking the biggest hit. Many are thinking about abandoning the profession. Not because they do not enjoy teaching the students. In most cases, teachers are feeling underappreciated, brow beaten, uncared for and so many other adjectives that are negative. These feelings are caused by disrespectful parents, administration, superintendents, government officials and all those who are not in the classroom, nor would they know what to do if they were. All of the narratives are saying that it is in the best interest of the students to return to school in the middle of the worst pandemic that the United States has seen in 200 years. Yes, there should be advocates for the students. My question remains though, who is advocating for the teachers? Who is worrying about their well being, and their livelihood, and their families. Without teachers, who would any of us be? Someone must speak up for these heroes. Someone must be the voice that so many teachers are afraid to have. The problem is that not only are teachers the lowest paid professionals in the world, they are the least respected…..BY EVERYONE, including the parents and students that they serve. What is to become of these teachers who work a thankless job with low pay and no regard for their well being?

We are in an era where people want us to accept news of teachers dying, from being unnecessarily exposed to a virus, as something normal. That should not be a teachers story. Teachers should not be considered front line essential workers. They did not sign up for that. They signed up to teach, to nurture, to care, to mold, to uplift. Teachers have always been asked to go above and beyond, but when is enough too much? They are crying out for help and no one seems to be listening. Teachers are boycotting for the rights to be protected, for the right for PPE, for the right to be heard, for the right to be respected. These are all civil human rights. Shouldn’t they get what they are asking for? What about the proper technological equipment to do their jobs sufficiently? At least they should receive that, right? Unfortunately so many teachers will leave the profession this year, without receiving any of that. I weep for the Teachers all over the world who face these dilemmas. We all should show these people empathy and do all we can to support and uplift these wonderfully selfless individuals. Stop criticizing and beating these people up for not doing a better job because you my friend, could not walk a day in their shoes, nor an hour , a minute, or a second and do an iota of what they wake up everyday to do. Like the late Michael Jackson said, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror”. So before criticizing these hard working, underpaid, unappreciated individuals, start with yourself and make the situation better. If you think they are not pushing your child to be the best, then you do it. If you think they are not answering your questions fast enough, then google it. If you believe they got it easy, then calculate their daily hours and you try it. I bet you will think twice before ever judging them again. I salute these heroes. Not only due to this pandemic but everyday. Because far before a global pandemic, teachers have been stepped on and thrown to the wayside like they didn’t shape everyone who are presently living a productive life. The next time you see a teacher, stop them and thank them for their service. They deserve the recognition.

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