Breaking that invisible chain

Relationships are difficult. No duh!!! Long term relationships are hard to break away from. Even if you made each other miserable, one person, is always finding ways to stay. But eventually a miserable existence will make a couple depart from each other. That breakup could definitely create a better relationship between the two people. When you part ways amicably, you try to keep that link connected, even if it’s a little bit. Well so I thought anyway. Sometimes when you make that split, you still have agreements between you that can affect your life negatively if those agreements are broken.

I came to a big revelation for the New Year. Sometimes it’s just best to make a clean break. No friendship, no niceties, no cordial behavior….Just bye Bitch and keep it moving. The old adage of the nice guy finishes last is on occasion very true. But in my case, I was extra nice, pretty please, with sugar on top nice in order for my family not to have any more disfunction than they needed. My kindness was taken as a weakness but I felt so empowered when I broke the invisible chain that still held my ex and I together. I decided that having his friendship was not worth my sanity, that being the bigger person was not appreciated and that this was the best decision for all involved and our mental health.

I am on my wellness journey. Once I made the decision to erase him from my orbit as I should have years ago, I felt so free. I felt liberated, I felt thrilled. The mental hold that he had on me was no longer there. I was no longer obligated to even acknowledge his existence. For whatever reason that made my heart sing.

Sometimes you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You have every right to just close your door, window, curtain, blind or whatever else there is to close and just strut, or like many who know me says, glide your way into your own peaceful haven. I am big on living in peace these days. The time for turning up and out on the sake of someone else’s actions are dead. I no longer react, I just close my eyes, pray and walk. Try it, believe me the giddiness you will feel in the pit of your stomach is so satisfying.

Master Cosmetologist, Health and Beauty consultant, author. Just doing all the things I have a passion about, unapologetically, boldly and with a little splash of love.


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