I think You deserve to know…Why?

I have seen many memes about dating while quarantined. There have been many post on how many couples are ready to run out the house to get away from each other. There have even been post about the divorce and domestic abuse rates going up. Is it really that bad to be with your mate all the time? The memes and post are funny and are full of entertainment, but my question is, how does this really work and how close to reality are these memes and post. One of my followers on the Gram posted “Take mixed signals as a no”.

On a basic, regular day, before the apocalypse of 2020 began, people often made time for only what they wanted to make time for. Now people use a not so legitimate excuse to blow you off, forget to call, not have time to come by. “You know there’s a pandemic”, will be the excuse. Unfortunately, those things give the person you say you love MIXED SIGNALS. People are also more forgiving now due to the life/death situation that being out and about amongst crowds causes. But are people wrong for not wanting to forgive? With all of the modern technology available these days, why should people not be in touch. You would think that during such peril times that people would go out of their way to check on the ones they claim to love. I find that couples who did not cohabitate before the pandemic have seemingly lost their way to each other. The excuses have become more creative, more forthcoming and just ……more. But why????? Why do people always choose the selfish route? Why can’t people treat each other the way they want to be treated? Why don’t people see the error of their ways? Absence DOES NOT MAKE THE HEART GROW FONDER!!!! It’s exhausting dealing with other people as is, so much more so during a pandemic, where you are forced to stay apart for your own health and wellness. I can’t seem to wrap my head around why people don’t take advantage of this time to really get to know their mate. To invest in their hopes, dreams and desires. Why be a couple if you don’t make the time to put in the work and simply support each other, emotionally, mentally and physically? This pandemic has made even those who are in relationships feel alone. For some they have had to face the brutal fact that their mate does not like them much. Other’s have had to face the fact that their relationship is in name only and that even during a pandemic that the relationship is not a priority. I read this morning that a good morning text message takes 2.5 seconds. There are 24 hours in a day. If your bae only gives you 2.5 seconds or even worse not even that of their day then are they really your bae? Better question is why are you settling for that minimal time in someone’s life?

Countless people have sat at home wondering what their mates could be finding more interesting than them during this time of self quarantine. That is a question that may never be answered. People can only speculate because no one is going to come out and say, “ I’m doing something that stimulates my interest more than you ever could!” Therefore, We are left to continuously ask the question…. Why?

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