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LifeSitting and waiting

Life out here is hard enough without having to deal with nonsense. But as affectionate creatures we seem to always be in need of said affection. The question is, “do you ever find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places?” I had to laugh out loud when I started writing this because my story is not unique, or unbelievable and that’s what makes it so laughable. There are stories of warnings and bad experiences all over the internet. So I was like, what makes my story readable? I think it’s because I am a seasoned veteran of life and should not be still dealing with this stuff. Or so I thought……

So on that note, be careful, because Narcissist are always lurking and waiting for a weak soul so they can pounce. There are moments in your new Singledom that you will look for affection. Just to cure the loneliness or even the accustomed feeling of always having someone around. As hard as it is, don’t give your time and energy to just anyone. I believe in spirits meshing and seeing people for who they are. You can feel someone’s energy and see through to who they are within three weeks of getting to know them. Be an observer and do not let your comfort zone make you do things that will compromise who you are. I have met a few gentlemen since my grieving process of my Singledom began. I say grieving because breaking up with someone you have known most of your life is like a death. Anyway, I could have easily fallen for the okie doke moves and the smooth talking. The boasting and puffing up of chest that men do when they want you to choose them. Fortunately for me, I have learned to love myself and enjoy my own company. Therefore, the artificial, superficial, ridiculous displays only entertained me but my interest didn’t last. Grown women need grown men. I am not talking about age, I am talking about maturity. Just because you work every day and live by yourself, that does not make you mature. The ability to think beyond yourself and think of someone else’s feelings, well-being and desires is being mature. The “I” talkers are the ones to look out for. The ones who wants to always talk about their woes, their ideas, their day yet never have the genuine interest in what’s going on with you, good or bad. The narcissist. They are out there so watch out and be aware.

I use to look at other couples that I have known for a long time and couldn’t help feeling a little envy. That’s when I felt like I was at my weakest. Sad right? No, not sad. Just human. I then started to remember all the reasons why I find myself to be single. The things I will not ever tolerate. The neglect, the disrespect, the cheating, the lies, the lies and more lies. Did I say lies? I mean the ones that make you feel sorry for someone and then when you find out that it was all a fabrication of their imagination, it makes you so pissed off that you want to erase that person from your existence because they wasted your time. That’s when my inner, stronger me says “Girl love yourself enough to embrace and enjoy your Singledom” and beware of the wolves in sheep clothing. You will be alright. You don’t know what is happening behind closed doors of the folks you envy and what those couples has had to endure. So any signs of those narcissist, girl you better run and run fast.

My advice is to take your time sis. Your forever bae is coming. Don’t settle for Mr. Right now., Mr. I’m your next mister, Mr. I’m everybody’s MISTER… Just wait, pray and be still.

Master Cosmetologist, Health and Beauty consultant, author. Just doing all the things I have a passion about, unapologetically, boldly and with a little splash of love.


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